Saturday, May 8, 2010


Our second grandson had his 8th birthday last week.
He chose a pirate theme for his birthday party.
He wanted a pirate ship on his birthday cake - which his Mom would make for him.
Our daughter asked me to carve a small pirate ship for the cake and she would make everything else edible.
I was most happy to carve this for her and for my grandson.

This was truly a thrill to carve this "Pirate Ship" for my grandson.
However, I guess I got somewhat carried away. This was much too large and too heavy to put on a cake. However, I proudly gave this to Jacob for his 8th birthday.

Awe! Jacob liked it. He was as thrilled as I was hopefully expecting him to be. He noticed every detail in the carving and showed much pride.

About the cake . . . .
Our daughter makes all of her children's birthday cakes.
She had to make her own pirate ship.
What a neat Pirate Birthday Cake!
Everything on the cake was edible, except for the trees, the coins around the cake and the sails on the pirate ship.
The pirate ship and the treasure chest were made out of chocolate cake while the birthday cake was Confetti white.
The sand was ground graham cracker crumbs. A nice taste on a cake.

Jacob huffed and he puffed and
blew as hard as he could.
It is quite a challenge to blow out 8 candles.
His puffed cheeks and clinched fists tell it all.

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Dave Brock said...

That's as good as it gets! The older I get, the more pure joy that I receive from giving and you are certainly there too. Nice work on the pirate ship as you pass on a great legacy.