Monday, December 8, 2008


Epic Touch Company

We wish to Thank
Bob and Dian Boaldin of Epic Touch Co in Elkhart, KS
for purchasing the Santa Faces 2-46
for their employees.
(Scroll down below to view each one.)
Their Christmas Party was Fri. Dec. 19th.
Thank You Dian and Bob for purchasing these Collectible Woodcarved Santa's for your employees. Each Santa cleverly came to life as they were carved for you.

Bob and Dian celebrated their 50th Anniversary this past summer.

They are wonderful employers, parents and grandparents and they work endlessly for Elkhart, USA. They are instrumental in many grants and advancements for the Southwest Corner of Kansas. Bob also serves on numerous committees and boards on the State level. Bob and Dian travel to Topeka once a month for these committee meeting and we love the opportunity to visit with them while they are in Topeka.

Check out their web site.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Millard has changed some of his techniques
due to one of his woodcarving seminars.
Read his story below.
Flat Plane Carver Traumatized
Recently at one of my Santa Face Carving classes, I horrified a flat plane carver by suggesting the judicious use of sandpaper on selected areas of his Santa face he had just carved using my exaggerated realistic style. I had already talked him into carving away the sharp and cleanly cut broad flat planes that he had expertly achieved on his Santa face, but when I said the word sandpaper, he started to hyperventilate! Ultimately, he suceeded in carving two faces but he said that he would do it without sandpaper, thank you. That started me asking myself if I really needed to use sandpaper on my own carvings. Above are two Santa faces I have carved. The one on the left, I have used sandpaper to refine and smooth some of the key areas on the face before painting. On the face on the right, not one bit of sandpaper was used on any part of it.
Here are some things I have observed:
1. I tended to make cleaner cuts knowing that I was not going to have the crutch of sandpaper later on.
2. The paint (watered down acrylic) seemed to go on in a more uniform way on the smooth cut surface.
3. The certainly smaller planes that I cut into my Santa face, although much smaller than in the flat plane style, had a pleasing quality that was absent from the sanded piece.
Do I plan to throw away all my sandpaper now? Probably not, but I probably will use it even more sparingly in the future.
Looking at the Santa's above which do you prefer or can you tell much difference ?
Oh, and the flat plane carver is recovering nicely!

Friday, October 24, 2008

To order your roughouts, e-mail me at
I will send your order as soon as I receive your payment.
Thank You!


A customer wanted 3 unpainted Firecrackers

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


"Post Rock Santa"

This Santa may be purchased
at the
Lucas, Kansas

I have other woodcarvings there also.


Back 6

Sunday, August 24, 2008

SANTA'S 2 through 46


The 2008 Santa Ornament is inspired by the words fromThe Night Before Christmas which reads,

"A stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth…"

Each hand carved Santa Ornament is carved with traditional woodcarving tools. Santa is always portrayed with a pipe of various styles and no two ornaments are exactly alike. The back of each Santa has a winter night time motif, and they are varied. The ornaments are approximately 3 ½ “ x 6” and hand painted. They are an original work of art by woodcarver Millard Harrell.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


2008 Santa's

2008 Santa
#2 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#3 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#4 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#5 Front & Back

2008 Santa
Front & Back

2008 Santa
#7 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#8 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#9 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#10 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#11 Front & Back

This is the situation that produced this carving (#11). Here we have Santa with a panic stricken look on his face just after one of the elves said, "Hey Santa, yer ball is afire!" Santa was careless with his pipe and caught the ball at the end of his hat on fire. Don't worry, children, Santa shucked that hat off in no time and Dancer and Prancer stomped the fire out in the snow! That's the story behind this special edition in the Stump of a Pipe Series.

2008 Santa
#12 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#13 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#14 Front & Back

2008 Santa
#15 Front & Back