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Wood Carvings ready for Sale
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Millard Harrell or Onnalee Harrell

The "Outdoor Man"
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Read about carving the Putti Angel by clicking on this link

Putti Angel

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from a Rough Out
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Three Green Men Among the Leaves

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This photo is nearest to the correct color

This photo shows the 3rd Green man better.   

From a Rough Out
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Monday, October 22, 2018



  "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas."
(Doubting Thomas)

Certificate of Authenticity

Foundwood Carvings
Millard Harrell

Upon purchasing the original woodcarving

 "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas." 
(Doubting Thomas) 
You have received the benefits of Foundwood Carvings
total commitment to authenticity and verification
that this is an original piece of art, reinterpreted as a woodcarving,
crafted with traditional hand carving tools.
"Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were,
and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it." John 20:25 
"A week later Jesus appeared and told Thomas to touch Him and stop doubting.
Then Jesus said, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed;
blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.' John 20:29"

It shows the episode that gave rise to the term "Doubting Thomas"
and used to make a variety of theological points
and is therefore named "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas."

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(Caravaggio The Incredulity of Saint Thomas Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 14 G)
Millard Harrell
Foundwood Carvings

Angel Wings

To see more pictures of this Angel
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Angel Wings

 Baby Grout Candle Holder

 The Candle

Sunday, October 21, 2018


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Foundwood Carvings
Millard Harrell
Creation of Santa’s, Elves & Snowmen
Produced by hand carving tools and no two are exactly alike.
All will be special orders.  Allow 3 weeks for delivery.
You may order by email -
A check or money order must accompany your order.
(We do not take credit cards or use Pay Pal.)

Home Phone  620-341-9099      Millard's Cell  620-794-1418
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 Millard Harrell, Onnalee Harrell or the Foundwood Carvings page.
All "Faces" are $70.00
plus tax - $5.95 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each
If more than 1 are packed together shipping charges will be adjusted.
6" high x 3 ½" - 4" wide 

Santa with Frosted Over or Clear Glasses

plus tax - $6.38 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each

Frosted Over Santa


Each Santa is different, but they all have glasses that frosted over because of Santa's wild Christmas Eve ride delivering presents through a stormy Christmas Evening and Christmas Morning. Although his glasses were all frosted over he was still going strong and he was already looking forward to the next year.

Santa's with Clear Glasses

Santa with a Pipe 
plus tax - $6.38 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each

The Santa with a Pipe Ornament is inspired by the words from
The Night Before Christmas which reads,
"A stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth…" 

Each hand carved Santa Ornament will be carved with traditional woodcarving tools.
Santa will always be portrayed with a pipe of various styles and no two ornaments will be exactly alike. The back of each Santa will be a winter night time motif, but they will be varied.

They are truly an original work of art by woodcarver Millard Harrell.

Santa with Pipe and Glasses
plus tax - $6.80 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each

Santa’s in the Round6" high x 3 ½" - 4" wide 
plus tax - $7.65 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each


Santa’s with flat back All "Faces" are $70.00plus tax - $5.95 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each
If more than 1 are packed together shipping charges will be adjusted.
6" high x 3 ½" - 4" wide
These can be carved smaller ornament size, but they are the same price.

Click on this link

Mistletoe Santa

Elves in the Round6" high x 3 ½" - 4" wide 
plus tax - $7.65 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each


Not Pictured
Elves with flat back - $70.00
6" high x 3 ½" - 4" wide
plus tax - $5.95 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each
If more than 1 are packed together shipping charges will be adjusted.
6" high x 3 ½" - 4" wide 

Snowmen in the Round
6" high x 3 ½" - 4" wide 
plus tax - $7.65 and shipping & packing - $6.00 each
(Naked Snowmen might be cheaper. )



In Santa’s magical world at the North Pole there are some other helpers beside the elves that are an important part of getting things done up there.  These other helpers are probably nearest to what we would call robots.  You see, Santa, by using a little “laying his finger aside of his nose” magic can make snowmen move, walk and do simple chores.  The magic Santa works on snowmen is highly influenced by Santa’s mood and physical health.  For instance, once when Santa was really hungry and he had just heard that Mrs. Claus had made some snow ice cream, his magic somehow went a little awry and he turned a couple of snowmen into “Cannibal Snowmen” that ate up the other snowmen as fast as he and the elves could make them.  That of course was an unusual situation and most of Santa’s “laying his finger aside of his nose” magic works splendidly to create helpful hard working and pleasant snowmen.  

The snowmen, of course, do all of their activities outside where it is always cold.  Their activities range from singing outside Santa’s workshop window to keep the elves entertained to shoveling snow up in piles so Santa and the elves can later make them into other snowmen.  

Although snowmen are always ice cold, they have a warm heart.  Once while the snowmen were singing outside the work shop window, they noticed a baby reindeer that was getting too cold.  They immediately gather around the baby reindeer to shield him from the cold wind.  Although snowmen are robotic-like, they can display quite human characteristics at times.

This collection of snowmen can maybe prod, poke, tug and pull adults imagination to attribute some job or characteristic to each one of these hand carved snowmen.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


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You are going to view the complete process of carving items for a commercial.
Scroll to the bottom to click on the link for the Commercial.

The finished products.

I received a phone call from Michael Ranney, owner of Footprints in Lawrence, KS, to do some carvings for a commercial for a Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, which would include two figures and 3 shoes at different steps of being completed.

These were his instructions. 

Hi Millard,
Thank you so much for considering doing some woodcarvings for me which I would use for my television commercial. 
I would like two woodcarving of me dressed in overalls and burgundy colored shirt and straw hat like I wear in the cartoon version of me.  I will send you that cartoon drawing.
Of those two woodcarvings I would like one to be fairly upright, holding a mallet and chisel off to my side. I would look like I am observing what I am carving. I will send you photos of me in the more upright position. You will have to imagine what I would look like in overalls, burgundy shirt and a straw hat, since I don't own any of those.
The second woodcarving would be me dressed in the same outfit but more bent over like I am actively carving on the woodcarving of the Arizona Birkenstock Sandal. I will send you photos of that pose as well.

In our commercial my two figures will be animated to look like they are carving a Birkenstock Arizona sandal out of wood.

To make the commercial look real I would to start with a block of wood which I already have (I have several blocks of wood I purchased at the Topeka woodcarvers show). I would then like you to carve three different carvings of A Birkenstock Arizona sandal in different stages of completion.

The first carving  should be the block of wood roughed out and slightly carved in the shape of the Birkenstock Arizona.

The next carving would be similar to the previous one but with considerably more progress made on it, so that as we progress with our commercial it looks like the carving is actually taking place before their eyes. For instance, I would like this carving to look like it was 75% done.

The final carving will be like the other two but completely carved.

The three carvings of the Birkenstock Arizona sandal would not be painted.  They should be all raw wood and we will paint them within the computer for the commercial. I do want the two carvings of myself as a woodcarver to be painted.

I will be happy to send you a Birkenstock Arizona sandal for you to have in person. Emporia  is not far away. I could drive down and answer any questions or pose if that would be helpful.  I am very excited about doing this project.

I will send you a bunch of photos separately from my phone as they would be too large to send at once.

Please let me know if you have any questions.                                                    

Thank you!

Mick @ Footprints.

Cartoon Drawing of Mick

Pictures of Mick for carving the two figures representing him. 

The Carving Project Begins
However, I had to get close pictures of holding
woodcarving tools first.

The Carvings

Click on the link to the Commercial on TV 

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