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You are going to view the complete process of carving items for a commercial.
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The finished products.

I received a phone call from Michael Ranney, owner of Footprints in Lawrence, KS, to do some carvings for a commercial for a Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, which would include two figures and 3 shoes at different steps of being completed.

These were his instructions. 

Hi Millard,
Thank you so much for considering doing some woodcarvings for me which I would use for my television commercial. 
I would like two woodcarving of me dressed in overalls and burgundy colored shirt and straw hat like I wear in the cartoon version of me.  I will send you that cartoon drawing.
Of those two woodcarvings I would like one to be fairly upright, holding a mallet and chisel off to my side. I would look like I am observing what I am carving. I will send you photos of me in the more upright position. You will have to imagine what I would look like in overalls, burgundy shirt and a straw hat, since I don't own any of those.
The second woodcarving would be me dressed in the same outfit but more bent over like I am actively carving on the woodcarving of the Arizona Birkenstock Sandal. I will send you photos of that pose as well.

In our commercial my two figures will be animated to look like they are carving a Birkenstock Arizona sandal out of wood.

To make the commercial look real I would to start with a block of wood which I already have (I have several blocks of wood I purchased at the Topeka woodcarvers show). I would then like you to carve three different carvings of A Birkenstock Arizona sandal in different stages of completion.

The first carving  should be the block of wood roughed out and slightly carved in the shape of the Birkenstock Arizona.

The next carving would be similar to the previous one but with considerably more progress made on it, so that as we progress with our commercial it looks like the carving is actually taking place before their eyes. For instance, I would like this carving to look like it was 75% done.

The final carving will be like the other two but completely carved.

The three carvings of the Birkenstock Arizona sandal would not be painted.  They should be all raw wood and we will paint them within the computer for the commercial. I do want the two carvings of myself as a woodcarver to be painted.

I will be happy to send you a Birkenstock Arizona sandal for you to have in person. Emporia  is not far away. I could drive down and answer any questions or pose if that would be helpful.  I am very excited about doing this project.

I will send you a bunch of photos separately from my phone as they would be too large to send at once.

Please let me know if you have any questions.                                                    

Thank you!

Mick @ Footprints.

Cartoon Drawing of Mick

Pictures of Mick for carving the two figures representing him. 

The Carving Project Begins
However, I had to get close pictures of holding
woodcarving tools first.

The Carvings

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