Friday, May 14, 2010


Our son-in-law went to Alaska
on a business trip
a few weeks ago.
He was visiting with one of the guy's
that he was doing business with and he saw some wood
and a walking cane that the business man had carved
and had in his office.
They discussed this neat wood - as there are not
any trees in the area in which they were, at that time.
Our son-in-law told the business man
about his father-in-law being a woodcarver,
so the business man asked our son-in-law
if he would like to take the wood to his father-in-law.
Our son-in-law couldn't take it on the plane,
so his friend, the business man, sent the wood to him.
How breath taking!
To receive wood like this is unbelieveable
and I feel so honored.

The friend from Alaska had sent a paper about the wood.
It is such interesting wood and I am looking forward to carving it.
Thank You again, for the Arctic Treasure!

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