Monday, December 8, 2008


Epic Touch Company

We wish to Thank
Bob and Dian Boaldin of Epic Touch Co in Elkhart, KS
for purchasing the Santa Faces 2-46
for their employees.
(Scroll down below to view each one.)
Their Christmas Party was Fri. Dec. 19th.
Thank You Dian and Bob for purchasing these Collectible Woodcarved Santa's for your employees. Each Santa cleverly came to life as they were carved for you.

Bob and Dian celebrated their 50th Anniversary this past summer.

They are wonderful employers, parents and grandparents and they work endlessly for Elkhart, USA. They are instrumental in many grants and advancements for the Southwest Corner of Kansas. Bob also serves on numerous committees and boards on the State level. Bob and Dian travel to Topeka once a month for these committee meeting and we love the opportunity to visit with them while they are in Topeka.

Check out their web site.