Monday, December 21, 2015


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12-21-15 (pm)             12-22-15 (am)
Jeremy Z. Williams, M.D.  is a board certified
plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

I was commissioned to carve a likeness of Dr. Williams.  Although we are very good friends of his parents, we have never met or seen their son, Jeremy.
It was a very rewarding challenge.

Tutorial of the carving of Jeremy Z. Williams, M.D.

A mistake!  The smile is too wide on Dr. Williams'a left side.

Reconstructing a smile that is too large is something Dr. Williams
might have to do in his practice too.
The smile is now lessened.

Another challenge with paint and finish.
After putting the finish on the painted product, it changed the color.

The actual picture of Dr. Williams that I was working from for the coloring.

Dr. Williams has been a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons since 2007.
His name plaque was engraved by Complete Works LLC - Emporia, KS.
Permission had to be given by American Society of Plastic Surgeons when using their logo.

Rand Hopkins, Co-Owner, is very conscientious and we are very appreciative of his work.

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