Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Poem by
Roseanna K. Volden
a friend and
District Magistrate Judge

Hon Roseanna K Volden - Morton County

Harold, the Head Herd Handler and Woody, the Woodcarver,
are good buddies and get into lots of mischief together
when they finish their chores.

Like that Christmas far, far away.
Harold hitched the herd to the sleigh.
Santa gave a whistle
the signal to the team to fly to the sky,
like the down of a thistle.
So he called them by name.......
on Donner, now Dancer and Prancer......
Try as they might.....
They couldn't take flight!
With a turn of his head ---
Santa knew what there was to dread!
The team couldn't fly as they should......
Cause they were carved from wood!!!
Harold, the Head Herd Handler
and Woody, the Woodcarver
are their names
and mischief is their game!!!"


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