Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ol' Flint of the Flint Hills
This here's my friend Ol' Flint.
You kin tell by lookin' at Ol' Flint, he ain't one of thim fancy fellas.
Ol' Flint has had the same winter coat 'n hat for the past sixteen years
and whin he loozes a button 'er a fastner breaks,
he jist makes another 'n out 'n a piece of wood 'r sumthin'.
And he ain't got no hair cut since the nights started gettin' cool
An I don't know as I ever knowed him to shave.
Yissir, Ol' Flint is tough an hardened to the demands made on him.
Jest like a flint stone, and that's wher he got his name.
He's a man you can count on and jest as steady as a rock.
He's not skeered of nothin'.
Even in the early day, when you could hear hungry wolves howlin'
on a cold winter night, it didn't skeer Ol' Flint none.
Now Ol' Flint ain't quite the man he uster be,
you can tell by his wrinkles an the bags under his eyes.
But he's a good helpin' hand and a good man "to ride the river by".
A friend,
Cottonwood Perkins
~Millard Harrell~

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Carvin' Tom said...

Ol' Flint is a masterpiece. You're giving it away at $200.

Beautiful work!