Sunday, November 28, 2010


Millard was honored to have a national woodcarving magazine
"Woodcarving Illustrated" ask him to write an article for their magazine.

His article came out in their Holiday Edition a couple of weeks ago.
What an exciting time for both of us.

This is the cover of the magazine
as it was published.

This was one of the
runner up covers
That happens to be a picture of Millard's Santa
that was featured in his story on page 72 - 77.
Millard is a member of the discussion board of the "Wood Carving Illustrated."
I am a member of a local Emporia web site "Flyover People."
It is an amazing web site about Kansas.
Cheryl (the administrator of Flyover People) posted a story about Millard.
The woodcarving slide show that Cheryl mentions in her story was produced by her husband, Dave. He did such a professional presentation.
Our local Emporia Gazette featured Millard in this week ends paper - on the front page. I do not have a link to the front page with the pictures - only a link to the article.
If you are at a place that sells the "Woodcarving Illustrated", I hope you will have a chance to see and read the article. I don't think it is sold in Wal-Mart - usually in bookstores.
Our local bookstore "Town Crier Book Store" and Graves Drug Store/Pharmacy sells the magazine.
However, it should be in most book stores around the U.S.
Millard's Elves - he was consigned to carve 45 elves this year - are on this blog and will be on his web site when his wife updates it.
Millard also was in an Emporia Gazette Feature Story in 2006.



Bob Easton said...

What a fine article it is!!! I really enjoyed seeing some of the techniques described in that article.

THANKS Millard, and THANKS Onnalee!

In one of the references, I read that Millard prepared something like 40 photos for the article, but that only 19 were used. I can understand a magazine having limited space and therefore editing the content down to what fits.

Is it possible that we can see all 40 photos? Will the magazine permit you to publish the rest? Or maybe the magazine could publish them on its website? Would be very good to see all of them.

In any case, THANKS for showing us some of Millard's skill and technique.

Onnalee said...

Good idea, Bob. When I publish this on Millard's web site, I will add all the pictures that Millard sent in. Don't hold your breath though - I am way behind on his web site. Onnalee