Saturday, October 30, 2010



I would like to tell you, faithful blog followers, that Santa's Elves live by a higher standard than their human counter parts, but I can't. They are susceptible to many of the same temptations and failings as humans. They also indulge in family rivalries, creating hurt feelings, secretly finding satisfaction in some others misfortunes and the like.
You all know the Mama Doll's Foreman's "phasing out" of the active toy production scene and he has carried some resentment that has rubbed off on his grandson. This has led to the episode I am going to relate concerning the Mama Doll Foreman's grandson.
As you remember, the Computer Geek Elf introduced a computer program that attempted to fundamentally transform the way that Santa produced his toys. There were other parts to the program that were hidden and were not apparent until the program was fully engaged. The Computer Geek Elf thought that little girls needed more options to operate their "Baby Spit-up Dolls" so he installed four settings on the dolls to make the spit up mechanism operational.
The settings were . . .
#1 - Spit Up.
#2 - A Stronger Spit Up
#3 - More Intense Spit Up, Vomit
And, the most intense setting . . . .
#4 - Projectile Vomit

This carving of the Mama Doll Foreman's Grandson is of him taking special pleasure in viewing the Baby Spit-Up Foreman taking a full load of setting #4 in the kisser.
No fingers are being pointed, but the kid seems awfully pleased at the exhibition and seems to be saying . . . .
"Hey Gramps, that was for YOU!"

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