Thursday, April 2, 2009


Grandpa went to the Grandchildrens to visit with them.
However, being a woodcarver, as they were playing outside
Grandpa found some branches.
He just had to see what he could do with the branches.
The grandchildren watched with amazement.

Pretty flowers were beginning to take shape.
What a surprise, even to Grandpa!
The center of the flowers were an orange tint.
The branches were from an osage orange tree.

Grandpa walks to the school bus stop 3 days a week
to meet the 2 younger grandchildren on the bus.

They bring home pine cones, flowers and anything else
that they find on their walk to Grandpa and Grandma's.
Jared found a box cutting blade - rusted - not worth anything.

He was so excited that he had his own woodcarving knife.
And, of course, Grandpa to the Rescue!
Grandpa cleaned up the blade,
filed the sharp edge off

and . . . . .
made a handle for Jared's first woodcarving knife -
after all, he found the blade for it.

The process of carving the knife handle
and placing it on the blade
took quite a while,
so Jared was looking at the scrap wood that
Grandpa had.
(After all, the grandchildren do NOT get to spend time in
Grandpa's woodcarving room.
Too many sharp tools!)

All of a sudden . . . .
"Grandpa, look! Here is a cow feeder"
Grandpa was impressed with Jared's immagination,
so they made legs for it
out of craft sticks.

Aw! The new carving knife is finished.
Now, for some carving.

Yes, Jared is a beginner - a bar of soap will be used.

Grandpa had to give full instructions about holding the
knife and holding the soap. What a little listener! 4

"Yippee! It is my turn."

Grandpa was making sure the knife was held correctly
and with his left thumb in place, he was ready to begin with the carving.

Careful attention from Grandpa and . . . Yes, Jared was
pushing the blade of the knife correctly with his left
thumb. Great job! 4

The other grandchildren had to try this too.

Jacey, Joshua and Jacob are now carving
their bars of soap.

What a fun time! Bars of soap!
The home made carving knife.

And yes - table knives.
Table knives carve soap also.

The finished carving with their soap???
One resembled a gun, the others were blobs with the edges carved off - but they each have taken a bath with their carving the past couple of nights.
Great soap for baths!


all things bradbury said...

this looks like a great time!...i can just see jared with his knife...i bet he thinks that is really special! we just need some pictures of the finished soap sculptures!!.....this is so good....they will always remember doing this with you.

all things bradbury said...

i forgot to say how much i like the flowers too.....there is a guy who always set's up at the fair here who also does roosters out of the branches.....just in case you get tired of