Friday, January 23, 2009



Thoughts from Woodcarver Millard Harrell

"Well, after carving Santa's for several month, it is nice to carve something else for a change. Here are two wood spirits I have carved recently for collectors. I'm always happy to oblige collectors that want wood spirits with special themes.

One of the Bark Carvings is a wood spirit with a Kansas Sunflower theme.
The other is a Nordic mythological theme featuring Odin and Thor.

At the top of the Odin and Thor wood spirit is the symbol for Odin's horse with eight legs. Working our way down, we have Odin with the rune symbols, Alpha on the left and Omega on the right side of his helmet.

The Odin rune is embedded in his beard and then on the left, are the very mystical words written in rune symbols, "Kansas Bark". (smile) Odin's son, Thor, is next with his hammer. At the bottom are the rune symbols that spell out his name, "Thor".

You will notice that these wood spirits have a scorched appearance. This is because I harvest almost all of my bark from Cottonwood trees that have been struck by lightening, giving the spirits "special powers". (grin)"


Mis said...

Hey cool man! Love your creativity and explanation.

jewjr said...
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jewjr said...

I really like the carvings. It amazes me of the detail. I am going to try some things myself. Hopefully start my own blog :) I found a tool that that may help me.