Wednesday, September 29, 2010



This elf showed up at the North Pole seemingly out of no where.
Although he is not much for looks, he was a smooth talker. Santa was going through a bit of a down turn in the toy and other gift production and the Computer Geek Elf told him (Santa) that he needed some hope and some change. Santa asked him what kind of change and the elf said the he needed to fundamentally change the way he did things around there.
Well, Santa was caught at a weak moment and he agreed to change everything over to a nifty computer program . . . his naughty and nice lists, his toy inventory, reindeer health concerns, sleigh maintenance and everything.
It wasn't long before Santa realized things were getting worse as the elf continued to replace and change much of the ways Santa had done things for many years.
Then just under two months before Christmas one year, Santa decided to put a stop to the elf's radical changes. He succeeded in stopping the elf in his tracks, but the Computer Greek Elf had made just enough changes that in order for Santa to get anything ready for Christmas at all, he would have to keep the elf and some of his changes around for many years.
The Computer Geek Elf was not very popular with the other elves and some even tried to circulate the story that he wasn't really even an elf. But with those big ears, few ever took that story very seriously.

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