Friday, September 3, 2010


Cakeman, Santa's Head Baker Elf

Here we have Cakeman as he watches all of his cakes fall after Tubby, the official candy tasting elf, trips and falls on the shaky wooden floor of his kitchen.
Is that heart broken horror you see on his face, or does his expression just show concern for poor Tubby?
What do you think?

Fellow Woodcarvers Challenge
Here is a challenge for all of my fellow woodcarving friends.
I'm not proud, I confess that I made a mistake typical of most beginners, as I planned the carving of this head.
Drastic measures had to be taken to fix the mistake mid-carving.
In viewing the end result, can any of you see what the mistake was and spot how the mistake was attempted to be corrected?
I want to admit right here and now that the fix did not turn out to be too subtle!
Most of you will probably spot it right away.
After I get a few opinions, I will reveal what I did in a few days.

Thanks,, diy for your guess.  No, I did intend for the head gear to look like it does to convey that the character was a baker or cook.  The mistake that I made was trying too many times to create the facial expression of the Baker.  I would try one thing and decide that that wasn't what I wanted, then try again and so on.  Finally I had carved so deeply into the head that I had carved facial details where the ears should have gone and precious little wood left to shape the back of the head.
You can see just infront of the ears I have had to inset extra wood for ears.  Not too subtle but I got the job done! (grin)

1 comment:

diy said...

first I like your elves.
Could it be that you intended a different style of head wear?

Whatever, one things for sure any mistake you've made I've already done it.