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I was honored to be asked to have a Santa Woodcarving Class in St. Louis in May.  
The woodcarving members worked hard and hopefully it was as much fun for them as it was for me.

All packed and ready to load into the car.

My carved Santa for using in teaching techniques. 

The Classes in session.

Below is John Panhorst's Santa.
He sent an email and said he had just finished painting this Santa.
He is sending a picture as soon as he gets the final coat of sealer over the paint.
It will be posted as soon as we receive a picture.

A special Thank You
Sharon Morris
spending timeless hours of organizing
the woodcarving class.
She carved an excellent Santa too.   

Sharon received the Santa that I had carved for the class to look at for a finished product.

Front Row Left to Right:  
1.Michael Short;  2.Rebekah Blankenship;   3.Sharon Morris;  4.Glenda Taber;
5.Paul Pinkston;  6.John Panhorst;  7.Tom Arnold

Back Row Left to Right:
1.John Martineau;  2.Larry Keller;  3.Don Branson;  4.Millard Harrell

Thank You to the members for their comments.

Hello all,
I really enjoyed Millard's class this weekend, as I'm sure you did as well.  Here are a few pictures that I took, including some close-ups of Millard's carving that might help as you finish up. 

Thanks to Sharon for sending out the other pictures, as well as for her work in organizing the class. Let me know if you have trouble downloading the photos, this is the first time that I have ever tried to make a .zip file.

John Panhorst

Thanks for sending us pics John!  I can open on my IPad!!  I'll bring it tonight and we'll see if we can zip the videos so I can send those to everyone as well.

All - Millard did ask if we could go to our contacts and let them know if we enjoyed the class.  Sounds like he might be interested in teaching some more classes if there is an interest!  Yeah for the carving world!!!!  

My eyes were too small for the size of the blank so my next one will be much better (that is my mission anyway).  There are several things I will do differently on the next one.  I'm going to keep working on more for this Christmas and I have the sample he used in the class if you need to see it up close and personal once again (Millard was nice enough to gift the sample to me for setting up the class - how lucky am I?).  I can always bring it in if you let me know you would like to see it again.  

Anyway, I'm going on Facebook to show the finished product of our class!  

I'll see some of you tonight!!
Sharon Morris

Millard,   I had a great time at your seminar this past weekend. 
I hope you will come to St. Louis again to teach.
Could you please make a listing of the paints and finishes, including brands,you use on the Santa?
Thank You 
 Best regards, 

Paul Pinkston 
Farmington, Missouri

I'm sure there are other emails or comments that I haven't seen.  Please feel free to send them to me and I will gladly include them.  Also, I will add more pictures, if I missed some.
(Millard's wife)
P.S. I'm sorry that I was so slow getting these on the blog.  It seems like when you get old, everything or every interruption is a major issuse.  :)

Sharon Morris has been busy . . . very busy since the woodcarving class in St. Louis.
I found these on "Woodcarver List" on facebook.  Great job, Sharon!

She posted them with this comment . . . . .
"This months carvings for me. They are the products of recent training from Millard Harrell. He is a great instructor if you get an opportunity to take one of his classes!"

This top picture is the Santa that she carved in the woodcarving class.

Michael Short's Santa

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