Saturday, April 12, 2014


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Always Keep an Eye on Your Husband

A note from The Woodcarver's (Millard Harrell) wife . . . .

Well, Millard did it. He carved something that I didn’t know he was carving until it was almost done. He just said he was carving a “gag gift” or a “booby prize.”
A few nights ago, he brought it up to get my opinion. I couldn’t believe m
y eyes. I told him to get it finished and get it out of here as soon as he possibly could. (grin)
He had it finished last night and the grandchildren came in. Josh (13 yrs old) went down stairs and when he came up he was grinning. I said, “Well, what did you think of Bobby Sue?” He laughed and said, “Grandma, I didn't know you could carve things like that but if I could wood carve that is exactly what I would want to carve.” Jacob (age 12) & Jared (age 10) both just shook their heads and didn’t have anything to say. Jacey (9 yrs old) came up and said, “Grandma, Grandpa needs to put straps on it in the back. She is going to lose it all if he doesn’t. You need to go tell him.” Gwen's comment (our daughter) was . . . . "Did they tell you that was what they wanted?" Not!
When they left, Millard came up and said that Jacey was really beside herself and that "Bobby Sue really needed straps on her back. She insisted on me doing it. I couldn’t do it because it was completely finished.”
Millard took it to work the next morning and sold it immediately. That was the quickest he has ever sold a wood carving. He was just lucky. LOL!
I say “Bobby Sue” but for the last few days it has been “Booby Sue.”


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